Steps to Create White Board Explainer Videos


Whiteboard explainer videos include an innovative story and storyboard with sketch is drawn on a whiteboard. It is used in advertising to communicate messages in a unique way. They are a powerful way to engage viewers.  Since, the content is created right in front of the viewers; it shows the artist and drawing the content in real time. 

It is ideal for entrepreneurs, start-ups, businesses, and organizations, who want to get complex information across in a straightforward way. They are easier to share on social media, which makes them great for SEO.  But, to produce a whiteboard explainer video, there are some guidelines you need to follow:

#1: Storytelling Is the Right Way

Your business’ Message should be package in a story, metaphor, a diagram or just telling it straight. Make sure your story focus around your target viewers. Human beings tend to absorb stories more. So, show off your content through storytelling. In this way, you will get more success in captivating audience’s attention. But, remember your focus should be your audience, their problems and your product’s features.

#2: Employ Animated Characters

 Animated characters are reported to provide continuity to your story. They give a more personal approach to the audience. It allows them to jot their feelings down and spark identification within them.

#3: Make Your Script Ready

Make sure your script sound as natural as possible. You can read it out loud to check the voice’s speed, inflection and emphasis on particular words.

#4: Make Interconnected Drawings

Whiteboard animated videos are helpful in creating anticipation in your viewers. Since the beginning of video, your audience is watching and they tend to stay as they would be wondering about the next thing to come. A continuous and interconnected drawing helps keep the spark of interest in audience.

#5: Find the Best Whiteboard Explainer Video Service

You should hire the best whiteboard explainer video service available because you want professionals to get quality content. Otherwise, your business credibility will suffer. You want to hire someone with proven track record and decade’s worth of experience.

#6: Find the Best Way to Distribute Your Video

Animated videos can be distributed through lots of ways such as, on company websites, YouTube, internet advertising, and television. It’s important to think about your videos distribution because the content of your message greatly depends on who you’re talking to.


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