Explainer Videos- the ins and outs

With ever-increasing competition nowadays, it seems businesses are taking on all sorts of marketing strategies to distinguish their brand from the rest. Explainer videos are a great way to do this- one that all sorts of companies have begun to adopt. Interactive audio-visuals seem to be the perfect way to engage audiences, especially online. Yet, some explainer videos seem to be more effective than others. Understanding the ins and outs of effective explainer videos is therefore perhaps the key to creating successful videos for oneself.

So, what makes your explainer video a masterpiece? Knowing the essentials of such videos and understanding the requirements tailored to your product are the first few steps.

Connection with the target audience

The content of explainer videos is usually balanced between story-telling of sorts, along with a set of instructions. For example, if an explainer video is about a skincare product, it is likely that the first half would refer to how this product differs from others (often also talking about the troubles people tend to have with skincare products) while the second half would explain how to apply and use this product. In such a case, the first part is usually what resonates with the target audience.

Animation- is it called for?

Companies like Facebook and Twitter are well known for using animated videos to market themselves. Animation is a terrific alternative to using real-life actors and settings for shooting videos especially if the video is meant to be made on a budget. Before deciding to make an explainer video, however, it is important to understand the nature of your product. Does your video absolutely require animation? Would it go with the ‘image’ of your brand? Moreover, one should keep in mind that animations must be simple and engaging. If your video has too much going on in it, it is difficult for the viewer to understand the gist of the video without really paying attention. In such cases, whiteboard animation is also a great way to go!

Interaction with audio

It usually is a good idea to include a voice over in your video to make it easier to get your message across. Explainer videos are often full of instructions, and it is helpful to have audio paired with visuals explaining the same thing. Bonus points if your voiceover is absolutely crisp, clear and to the point!


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