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The Only Advice You’ll Need to Make Amazing Whiteboard Animated Explainer Videos

Pretty much everyone has seen a whiteboard video at some point of their lives, but in case you are not familiar with them, they are videos that can be used for pretty much any purpose and can be suited to use for any subject. They are short, just like any other explainer video would be and have some very recognizable elements that help people recognize them for what they are. When making whiteboard animated explainer videos some of those recognizable elements are a must and that makes the whole design process pretty simple, however, to make things even simpler we have put together a few tips that will help you even further when making it.

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Remember the interconnected drawings

Although this is not one of the main “traditional” elements, it is still something that makes whiteboard videos what they are and it is an element that you should remember to include. If you make a whiteboard video in the right way then you will have your audience on the edge of their seats waiting to see what comes next. The reason for that is that they are watching the video being drawn right in front of their eyes, they are seeing the story take shape and this creates a sense of anticipation and interest. Whiteboard videos pretty much imply that the drawings are meant to be interconnected and not individual. This means that the line never get cut off and that is exactly what gets the audience so interested in the video, so definitely keep this element in.

Definitely, don’t forget the hand

Speaking of the traditional elements, the hand that is drawing the story is one of those elements. It is one of three things that make whiteboard animated explainer videos exactly what they are and you need to make sure to keep that element in. The hand actually represents the artist that is drawing the story that you have set up and is doing so in real time. This element adds a personal touch and makes the audience feel like someone is telling them the story in real time. If you for some reason don’t include the hand in a whiteboard video, then it is not a whiteboard video.  The hand, the pen, and the whiteboard are pretty much the whole points of these videos so not including even one of those elements defeats the whole purpose of the video itself.

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Focus on the script

Something else that has nothing do with the visuals of the video, but has everything do with the structure is the script. This is where you come up with the story, the characters and where you take a look at the subject or product and figure out which elements are the most important and you want to include in the whiteboard animated video. If you are not a very creative person, you can, of course, always get a pro to write it for you. Once you have the script in front of you, however, it is important that you read it aloud and it is even better if you read it to someone else. These videos are meant to be causal and are meant to sound as though someone is directly addressing the audience. It is important for the script to sound natural and you reading it aloud will really help you see if it does sound like, but it will also help you make sure that the length of the script matches the length of the video.

Whiteboard animated explainer videos are a tool that shouldn’t be overlooked. They are so versatile and so useful while also being easy and inexpensive to make and that makes them ideal for pretty much any subject, product, service or presentation that you want to present. These videos are pretty straightforward to make as it is, and hopefully, these few simple tips will help you even more.